Yard drainage is one of the most overlooked maintenance items on homes at Gainesville today. Paved areas, landscaped yards, and swimming pools being some of the most common areas affected by drainage issues. Over time yard drainage issues can contribute to erosion problems, insects, and basement leaks, as well as, structural issues. Schmitt Waterproofing has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the right drainage system is installed to resolve the drainage issues at any home.

Basement leaks are a very common issues in Gainesville homes today. Any foundation type can leak, they just leak differently. There are generally two contributing factors to a basement leak, an outside source of water and a flaw or an opening in the foundation. For most basement leaks to be repaired both issues must be resolved. At Schmitt Waterproofing we have properly trained our staff to diagnose the full cause of the basement leak and ensure that we address the issue as a whole.

One of the top causes of basement leaks in homes in Gainesville with poured concrete foundations are leaking cracks in the foundation walls. Sometimes these cracks in the wall are signs of structural damage, however they can easily be resolved with a polyurethane crack injection to stop any further water intrusion. Then you can have the outside area can be inspected to ensure that the contributing source of water is addressed as well. Many of our competitors forget to address the outside issues which can cause further bowing, cracking and even structural damage over time. At Schmitt Waterproofing we strive to offer all-inclusive repairs to address all the issues surrounding the cracks in the foundation wall.

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