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Schmitt Waterproofing, LLC is a foundation waterproofing repair contractor with a focus on keeping the water out of your home.  This sets us apart from most of our competitors as we have the proper knowledge to diagnose basement leaks and drainage issues. Our techniques help many of our customers save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS compared to the systems many of our competitor’s push. Our focus is to keep the water away from and out of the home with a variety of techniques. Gutters are the homes number one defense against water. We can solve many homeowner’s issues by correctly routing gutter downspout extensions and allowing water to flow away from the home.

Our services include  Basement Leak Repair, Concrete Crack Injections, Gutter Downspout Extensions, Landscape Drainage, Retaining Walls, Sealing Foundation Walls, Structural Crack Reinforcement, Crawlspace Encapsulation, as well as Inspections and Consulting.

Service Highlights

Crack injections

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls? All concrete eventually cracks, but when you start to see water stains on foundation walls around cracks...

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Retaining walls

Need to replace an old retaining wall? Want to level out your yard? Schmitt Waterproofing offers retaining wall replacement and new retaining wall construction.

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Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in correctly shaping the land to direct the surface flow of water to stop pooling water and flooded yards.

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Schmitt Waterproofing believes in quality

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Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in satisfied customers! We look at the reason water is entering the home and diagnose the problem. Our emphasis is to keep the water out. We treat your home as if it were our own and pride ourselves on leaving your property looking neat and tidy. Our promise to you, we will provide the right solution at a reasonable price making us your best choice to resolve any leaking basement or drainage issue.

Keeping the Water Out

Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in basement leak repair and drainage issues. When seeing water stains on basement walls or drainage issues around the home let Schmitt Waterproofing show you what we can do. Most of our competitors on the drainage side push underground systems that are guaranteed to clog and require maintenance and/or replacement over time. We are proud to offer many solutions that can permanently resolve drainage issues. We redirect pooling water causing the water to freely flow on top of the ground. For basement waterproofing, most competitors push customers to install costly systems that still let all the water enter the home where it is directed to a pit to then be pumped back outside. Schmitt Waterproofing has many waterproofing techniques that can eliminate flooding basement issues and keep the water out of the home altogether saving our customers THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the expensive water collection systems our competitors push.

Other Services We Offer

Our other services include Concrete Crack Injections, Gutter Downspout Extensions, Landscape Drainage/ Re-shaping, Retaining Walls, Sealing Foundation Penetrations, Structural Crack Reinforcement, Crawlspace Encapsulation, Interior Drainage Systems, Basement Leaks, as well as Inspections and Consulting.

“Great Customer Service, Would Highly Recommend. Josh Came Out Early And Explained Everything Step By Step! Great Job Cleaning Up After!”

Veronica Chamberlainon

There Was A Leak In My Basement That Let Water In Whenever It Rained Hard. Josh Did A Great Job Fixing It, And It Hasn’t Leaked Since. He Was Very Professional, Nice, And He Cleaned Up After Himself.

Alex Bruce

Josh Did A Wonderful Job On Our Foundation Wall. He Ran Into A Couple Of Problems Which Was Not Of His Making So He Had A To Make A Second Trip Which Was Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. He Was A Pleasure To Work With And His Pricing Was Very Good Also. I Would Highly Recommend Schmitt Waterproofing.

Rusty Sosebee