Schmitt Waterproofing has the expertise to properly design and build the right retaining wall.

Retaining walls are used for a variety of purposes including preventing erosion on hillsides, aesthetic purposes, and leveling and stabilizing yards. Whatever your needs may be Schmitt Waterproofing has the expertise to properly design and build the right retaining wall for your needs and budget. We are happy to offer a variety of materials including concrete block walls and wooden timber walls.

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One of the most important factors in building a retaining wall is the design phase.

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Without a properly designed retaining wall additional drainage issues and possibly even a wall failure is imminent. Many contractors fail to properly assess the amount of water and soggy soil that will be held on the back side of newly constructed walls and inadvertently design walls to fail. At Schmitt Waterproofing we are not only retaining wall experts, but drainage experts as well.

Retaining walls are a big focal point of many properties.

Retaining walls are not only important structurally in many yards, they are a big focal point of many properties that enhance gardens and yards visibly. Let Schmitt Waterproofing help design and build the proper wall for your yard today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Poor drainage leads to erosion as well as foundation issues. If your lot is on a hill, poor drainage will rapidly cause excessive erosion on hillsides. Suppose water is pooling and flowing towards the home. In that case, it will cause excessive weight loads to be applied laterally to the foundation wall, which encourages bowing and cracking in the foundation. Wet dirt is significantly heavier than dry dirt.
At Schmitt Waterproofing, we use various methods to control the water around homes, including dry creek beds, French drain systems, and catch basins. We will implement the necessary design for a drainage system to make your drainage problems go away depending on your issues.
We can remove and place back most landscape finishes around homes back to original condition, making it appear as if we were never there. We often remove and reinstall sod to complete drainage system installations. We can also seed and place straw in areas where grass has not been able to grow.

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