Finger Space Drain

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Suppose you have a brick veneer outside your house, and you see water enter at the end of the foundation wall. In that case, water is most likely getting behind the brick and entering the area known as the finger space, which is a small gap between your foundation wall and the brick. The water typically enters that small space in a different location further up the wall and travels down the area until it finds its way into your basement. Many other companies will try to sell an internal system. We have a solution we can do from the outside your home; which is a much more affordable and less invasive process.

Examples of Finger Space Drain

Finger Space Drain 2

Frequently Asked Questions

A finger space drain is a repair unique to homes with a poured concrete foundation and a brick veneer. On these homes water finds its way behind the brick veneer often in multiple areas and becomes trapped between the brick and the foundation wall. Once the foundation wall comes to an end the water trapped in this area can turn inside the basement. A finger space drain seals this area off and drains this water outside instead of allowing it inside.

Pricing for a finger space drain starts at around $2,000 and can go up from there depending on the home’s layout and accessibility.

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