Carbon Fiber Foundation Reinforcement

Bowing foundation walls and cracks in foundation walls are signs that your foundation needs repairs.

As a homeowner it is important to watch for signs of foundation failure. The earlier repairs are made the better. Horizontal or stair step cracks in block walls and diagonal cracks in poured walls are some of the most alarming signs of structural movement in a foundation wall. Carbon Fiber Foundation Reinforcement is proven to have a higher strength than its steel beam predecessor. Carbon fiber straps and staples are extremely low profile and can be painted over even.
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Carbon Fiber Foundation Reinforcement 2
Excessive backfill amounts and poor drainage around the home are big causes of bowing foundation walls. These items cause an excessive amount of weight to be applied to the foundation wall laterally causing inward movement on foundation walls. Once the foundation walls begin to move inward and bow or crack, they can still be saved as long as they are repaired in a timely manner.

We offer carbon fiber foundation reinforcement to reinforce foundation walls.

There are multiple repair methods to reinforce foundation walls. We offer carbon fiber foundation reinforcement that can address any movement in foundation walls less than 2 inches. Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Straps are used to secure foundation walls in place and prevent any further deflection of the walls. Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Staples are used to prevent any further inward movement on foundation wall crack repairs.

Examples of Carbon Fiber Foundation Reinforcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation repair is the process of reinforcing a foundation to prevent further structural movement in the home. This can include, carbon fiber reinforcement, poly jacking, piers, tie backs, and steel. At Schmitt Waterproofing we limit our structural work to carbon fiber reinforcement to prevent further inward movement in foundation walls with less than 2 inches of inward movement.

Carbon fiber straps are priced per strap and are generally going to be placed every 4-feet on center down the entire length of any impacted wall. Straps are going to cost between $700-$900 typically and vary based on the height of the wall and the quantity of straps being installed.

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