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Do you have cracks in your foundation walls? All concrete eventually cracks, but when you start to see water stains on foundation walls around cracks in the concrete foundation that is a sign of too much hydrostatic pressure from water-saturated earth outside allowing the water to leak into your basement. Schmitt Waterproofing offers Polyurethane Injections for a permanent solution to keep your basement dry. On top of our injections, we will inspect the area outside and offer a solution for the excessive amount of water near the home as well.

Concrete Crack

Need to replace an old retaining wall? Want to level out your yard? Schmitt Waterproofing offers retaining wall replacement and new retaining wall construction. We currently only build retaining walls less than four feet in height.


Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in correctly shaping the land to direct the surface flow of water to stop pooling water and flooded yards. We can help address erosion issues around the home as well. Many of our competitors push the installation of drainage pipes, French drains, and catch basins to stop drainage issues. The problem with these systems is that they clog up with debris and tree roots over time becoming a significant maintenance issue. Let us provide you with a permanent solution to keep your yard dry.

Dry Creek Bed

Gutters are the homes number one defense against water, by keeping gutters cleaned and properly maintained most water is kept away from the home. We specialize in water diversion and can extend the gutter downspouts away to help drastically reduce the amount of water near the home. Many structural foundation issues as well as basement leaks are avoided by keeping the water away.

If you see water stains on the foundation walls of your home Schmitt Waterproofing has the experience and knowledge to properly diagnose the issue and offer a permanent solution. Common areas of basement leaks include around water and sewer line penetrations, cracks in foundation walls, honeycomb areas in foundation walls, as well as along the foundation wall at the floor.

Wall Penetrations

Foundation drain systems are installed during the construction of the home and many of these systems stop working over time due to erosion blocking the exits and improper routing of the pipe. If you see water on the floor of your basement, this could be a foundation drain issue. We can repair the existing system to ensure your basement floor stays dry.

Floor-Wall Joint Leak

Let Schmitt Waterproofing lock your foundation walls into place to stop any further movement. Many homes have excessive amounts of water around the foundation; this water absorbs into the dirt increasing the weight load on foundation walls. Over time this wet, heavy dirt applies an excessive lateral load on the foundation wall and causes bowing and cracking. Fortress Stabilization Straps offer a lifetime warranty to stop any further foundation wall bowing issues.


Crawl spaces are a critical part of the home as 60% of your air enters up through the crawl space of your home. When water enters the crawl space, it can cause flooding, mold/mildew, and attract pests and rodents. We are proud to offer crawl space encapsulation as well as many less expensive alternative solutions at much lower prices.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Most concrete slabs and driveways crack. Often these cracks are not structural and can be injected with a paintable material. We can not only fill cracks in driveways and slabs, but we can also diagnose the cause of the cracking as well.

Slab Crack

If you are buying or selling a home and need an expert opinion on basement waterproofing issues, foundation repair, drainage issues, or other water intrusion issues, Schmitt Waterproofing offers written reports on water issues in and around the home.

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