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Homeowners in Coal Mountain,  GA, know to call Schmitt Waterproofing for all of their Basement Water Leak Repair needs. Schmitt Waterproofing focuses on solutions that will not only keep your home dry but will keep the water away altogether.

Basement leaks: Basement Water Leak Repair in Coal Mountain GA

Basement leaks are a certainly common issues in homes today. Any foundation type can leak, they just leak differently. There are generally two contributing factors to a basement leak, an outside source of water and a flaw or an opening in the foundation. For most basement leaks to be repaired both issues must be resolved. At Schmitt Waterproofing we have properly trained our staff to diagnose the full cause of the basement leak and ensure that we address the issue as a whole.

Basement Water Leak Repair in Coal Mountain GA : Common Foundation Flaws

Below are some of the most common foundation flaws for homes at Coal Mountain that we see contributing to basement leaks: cracks in poured concrete foundation walls, which are resolved with a polyurethane crack injection. Next is water pushing inside at the cove joint, which is where the concrete slab and foundation wall meet (this is generally due to a buried exit or clogged foundation drain system). Then penetrations in foundation walls, which are typically water and sewer lines that can be injected and sealed with polyurethane. And lastly, porous materials such as cinderblock and brick that do not have adequate waterproofing membranes installed but can be resolved by excavation and applying an adequate membrane.

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The most common sources of water that we see causing basement leaks are as follows: Clogged gutters, which allow water to overflow the gutter; improperly installed or missing downspout extensions, which allow water to dump right next to the home; improper grading which allows surface runoff to push towards the home; and excessive amounts of rain. When excessive amounts of water can flow next to a home’s foundation the water searches for a path of least resistance, and if there is an opening in the foundation the water will push inside.

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