Foundation waterproofing encompasses many different methods to stop water from entering homes. These methods include polyurethane injections in concrete walls, interior basement waterproofing systems, and crawlspace perimeter drainage systems.

We are a small family-operated company that values every client and treats every home as if it were our own. At Schmitt Waterproofing, we inspect the area of concern and review the surrounding area to locate the source of the problem and offer a comprehensive repair package. Many of our competitors overlook the underlying cause of foundation leaks and offer nothing more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Schmitt Waterproofing uses varying waterproofing techniques to keep water from entering the home. Many homes have cracks in walls or flaws in the foundation that we repair to prevent water intrusion. Some homes need more extensive waterproofing systems to prevent water from pushing in through the foundation. Our team of professionals diagnoses each house before offering the best solutions based on our findings during the onsite inspection.

Most water stains on foundation walls are associated with a specific leak that we can diagnose and remedy. An onsite inspection is free of charge to determine the source of the leak.

Every home is unique in its construction and the way the water enters the house. Each repair is reviewed and priced on a case-by-case basis, whether the issue is a flooding basement or a small leak in a foundation wall. It is challenging to offer a quote without first performing an inspection as many factors can impact pricing. Schmitt Waterproofing provides free inspections and quotes to assist in this process if you have a flooding basement.

Gutters are the homes first defense against water if the water is kept away from the house with proper downspout extension’s, many times the concern for a leak is mitigated. When water stays next to the house, it saturates the dirt and finds its way into the home causing foundation leaks.

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