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Homeowners in Free Home, GA, know to call Schmitt Waterproofing for all of their Gutter Downspout Extensions issues. Schmitt Waterproofing focuses on solutions that will not only keep your home dry but will keep the water away altogether.

Gutter Downspout Extensions for homeowners at Free Home GA

The gutter systems installed on most homes today are a huge contributing source of water around the home and throughout the yard. Many homes with basement leaks and/ or yard drainage issues can greatly benefit from properly extending the gutter downspouts away from the home. When downspouts dump next to the home without being properly routed away, the dirt becomes saturated and several things happen. Water begins to pool in areas and hydrostatic pressure begins to push on the home’s foundation. Over time this can lead to drainage and erosion issues, as well as, foundation settlement, and basement leaks. A properly installed drainage system is essential to protect your home.
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Gutters and gutter downspout extensions are a commonly overlooked item on homes and can contribute to water related damage to the home. Keeping the gutter system properly cleaned and maintained, with extensions in place, is a top priority to protect your home from water damage. Over time, water can reach places it shouldn’t. Rainwater can damage soffit and fascia boards, causing landscape erosion, basement flooding, and even structural damage. If these problems are not fixed on time, water also can get under your roofline and damage your entire roof. In this case, your best option is to hire a professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gutter downspout extensions are a key ingredient to a maintained home and can help prevent multiple issues. Whether you already have a landscaped yard or are in the process of building a new home, it is never too early or too late to take advantage of a properly installed drainage system to help protect your home. We can remove or reinstall most landscape materials to complete the necessary work.
Yes, one of the top leading causes to basement leaks and structural foundation issues leads back to poor drainage around the home. In order to prevent these much more costly issues from occurring all gutter downspouts should be extended away from the home.
We like to use smooth wall PVC to extend gutter downspouts in order to offer a permanent and serviceable solution. PVC lines flow better and can be cleaned when debris from the gutter enters the lines and creates a clog. This is a far better solution than corrugated lines that need to be replaced once clogged or damaged.
This will be determined during our free estimate as the number of downspouts and the length they need to be extended will greatly impact the overall cost.

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