Yard Drainage Systems Solutions for Water Issues In & Around Your Home


Do you get lots of water in your yard? Do you need backyard drainage solutions or landscape drainage to keep water out of your yard? Water is the ultimate force of nature. Water has the ability to sculpt canyons, erode mountains, and transform the mouths of rivers. Water left free and unabated can ravage hardscapes, drown trees, flood basements, or even cause entire hillsides to move.

If you have a good landscape design, it’ll take into account where water flows on your property so that your home and yard stay dry. How can you know if your yard has a drainage issue? Below are a few common signs that you might need a waterproofing company to come out and reassess your yard and drainage issues:

  • A place with pooling water in your yard after it rains
  • A soggy yard (wet yard), or an area that just doesn’t dry out after the rain stops
  • Water in your basement after it rains
  • Soil washing away after the rain or during the rain

Catch Basins

If you have pooling water, Schmitt Waterproofing might recommend installing water  catch basin. A catch basin is installed in a low-lying area on your property. It has a top grate that catches water and a pipe that extends from it at an angle to redirect water elsewhere.

French Drains

A classic French drain system consists of perforated drain pipes, which are pipes with holes in them that collect water, and are wrapped in landscaping material. This landscaping material acts like a sheath and makes the French drains impenetrable to damage that could be caused by soil and roots. French drains are typically used for areas around your yard that are soggy and don’t seem to dry out after it rains.

Extending Gutter Downspouts

Are your home’s gutters causing water runoff issues? Do you have an area that gets storm water runoff? If so we, at Schmitt Waterproofing, might suggest extending your downspouts out and away from the home. These extended downspouts would be buried underground and will allow us to direct water away from your home somewhere safe so that water won’t pool or get into your home. 

Dry Creek Beds

Is there an area of your yard that is always overwhelmed by flooding? If so, you might consider calling Schmitt Waterproofing to dig a small channel and fill it in with large decorative rock. This will enhance water absorption in this previously flooded area, and will add an eye catching dry creek bed to your backyard.

If you’re interested in getting a free estimate for your yard drainage issues, or want a yard drainage system installed, please contact Schmitt Waterproofing today. Schmitt Waterproofing is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company, serving the Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Flowery Branch, Cumming, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Duluth, Dawsonville, Canton, Ball Ground, Sandy Springs, and Dunwoody areas in Georgia. We have years of experience and are waterproofing experts. Please contact us online or by phone by calling 404-268-1040. To see more information about us follow us on Facebook

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